Travel Photography - Journeys Far & Wide

Bobby's 2012 Excursion to Mr. Rushmore with Alicia
Just this summer, Bobby and his eldest daughter Alicia did some more Road Scholar travel. This expedition kept them in the United States; they went through badlands, goodlands and even some in-betweenlands as the braved the South Dakota summer trekking through Mt. Rushmore.

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The grand Mt. Rushmore President's Sculpture.
Mt. Rushmore President's Sculpture
Bobby and Alicia pose with a Native American of the Lakota nation.
Travel photography of Bobby and Alicia pose with a Native American of the Lakota nation.
A smaller version of what will be the Chief Crazy Horse Statue at Mt. Rushmore
Travel Photography of the Chief Crazy Horse Statue at Mt. Rushmore
Once this Crazy Horse Sculpture is complete, it will dwarf the Presidents.
Photograph of current work on the gigantic Chief Crazy Horse Sculpture at Rushmore
The Rushmore Dudes at night!!! PAAAARRRRTTTTTYYYY!!!!
Photograph of the Rushmore Prez Dudes Partying at Night
They don't call 'em Badlands fer nuthin, Homesteaders.
Travel photography of South Dakota Badlands
Another view of the bad, bad lands of South Dakota
Photograph of Badlands Rock Formations
The Homestead of TV's favorite family, the Browns. Notice how time has not dimmed the splendor of this opulent home
Travel photograph of the Brown Homestead
Alicia and Bob audition to include their busts on Rushmore. It's a longshot, but...
Alicia and Bob at Mt. Rushmore
OK, it's important to read this initial Homestead Act sign, also known as 'The Set-Up Sign'.
Travel Photo of a Homestead Act sign
The previous sign sets up this 'Homestead Act Punch-Line Sign'. Now THAT'S comedy!
Travel Photograph of a second Homestead Act sign.
Alicia tries on the very fashionista-friendly Bison Hat. And while she looks Absolutely Fabulous in it, she provided it as a gift to her darling brother.
Travel Photograph of Alicia in a Bison Hat
Bobby and a fake robotic donkey. Bobby tried to pitch the idea of a follow-up to Will Smith's sci-fi hit that would be called "I, robotic donkey", but couldn't get it funded. Hollywood can be SO fickle!
Travel Photograph of Bobby and a fake donkey
A Bison Mom and her young... what? kid? cub? Dang, I'm going to have to check with Google... another 8 seconds out of my life...
Travel Photograph of a Bison and her calf or kid or cub or something
Alicia and a fake robotic horse. It would work better as sequel to 'I, robot' than the donkey.
Travel Photograph of Alicia and a robotic horse near Mt. Rushmore
The Washington portion of the Mt. Rushmore sculpture.
Travel Photograph of the Mt. Rushmore President Sculpture
After visiting this store Bobby made a new rule: from now on, you can only refer to him as 'Buffalo Bob'.
Photograph of Bob under a 'Buffalo Bob' sign near Mt. Rushmore


Bobby's 2011 Jaunt to Turkey with Alicia
In 2011, Bobby and his eldest daughter Alicia again traveled together, this time to Turkey.

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Bobby and Alicia obstructing the view of the "bizarre, lunar-like landscape" in Cappadocia, Turkey. The "bizarre" quote was taken straight from Road Scholar literature. Those roadies sure have a way with words.
Travel photograph of Bob and Alicia in Turkey
Alicia at the mausoleum of Ataturk in Ankara, Turkey. She's standing guard over a Turkish dude with OCD. Really, who stands like that?
Travel photography of Alicia next to a Turkish Guard
Alicia & Bobby keep their hands and arms inside the ride at all times. This particular time, it's to tour the skies over Cappadocia.
Travel Photography of Alicia and Bob in a Hot Air Balloon.
Check out this great silhouette! One free dragon sculpture to the person who can correctly identify the shadow of Bobby or Alicia.
Photograph of a silhouette of a Balloon over Turkey
Hot Air Balloons over the lunar landscape that is Cappadocia. More Roadie quotes: These formations were "created by the geological working of time, water, wind and rivers on the Turkish surface."
I DIG these Roadie Lit guys!
Photograph of Hot Air Balloons over Turkey
"Wind, weather and whimsy play equal roles in tracking a tapestry of turbid travel over this portion of our parched, paltry planet."
Take THAT, Road Scholar Dudes! Never considered alliteration, did you? DID YOU?!?!
Travel photography of Turkish Rock Formations
More lunar-like Cappadocia rock formations. Viewed from different angles, these alternately look like variations on the Stone Sentries of Easter Island or Kielnhofer’s Time Guardians, depending on the time of day, the weather, and how much the viewer had to drink.
Photograph of Turkish Rock Formations
The description of the Sultanhani Caravanserai of Aksaray. A caravanserai was a sort of roadside inn (Think of it as a13th century version of a Motel 6, only nicer).

From Wikipedia: 'Most typically a caravanserai was a building with a square or rectangular walled exterior, with a single portal wide enough to permit large or heavily laden beasts such as camels to enter.'

This particular caravanserai was built by Alaattin Keykubat in 1229.
Photograph of the description of the Caravanserai of Aksaray
Alicia and Bob stand at the entrance of the Sultanhani Caranvanserai of Aksaray.
Alicia and Bob at the entrance of the Sultanhani Caranvanserai of Aksaray
The Amphitheater of Aspendos, a well-preserved Roman theater near the town of Antalya. This production of Macbeth only drew a few dozen fans. Back in '99 Bono filled the house. He thought he was killing it until the fans yelled "Freebird!!!! Play Freebird!!!!"
Photograph of the Amphitheater of Aspendos
A new-born Turkish Camel (Better that then a Camelish Turkey). And where's its mother, you may ask? Who knows? Good Question! Bobby and Alicia were remiss in not reporting this to Camel Protective Services, if you ask me.
Photograph of a Turkish camel
Alicia, braving the perilous waters of Turkey in a kayak. How does she do it, you ask? She trains by participating in marathons! Her next one? Just a hop, skip, and jump away in Jerusalem.
Travel Photograph of Alicia kayaking in Turkish waters
Bobby and Alicia at the entrance of the Palace of Topkapi, in Istanbul. This is the best reproduction we could find, our 'Top Copy'.
Get it? Top Copy? Topkapi? That's comedy our Turkish pals would be proud to call their own!
Photograph of Alicia and Bob at the entrance of the Palace of Topkapi, in Istanbul
The long, brutal walk to Ephesus. Many stories were told, and many lives changed, during this journey. Would this unspeakably long trek be worth it? Check out the image to the right.
Travel Photograph the walk to Ephesus
These ruins (Not as well-kept as the Aspendos Amphitheater) are in Ephesus, the best-preserved classical city on the Mediterranean coast (According to our favorite Road Scholar wordsmiths).
Travel Photograph of relics at an amphitheater in Ephesus
The Blue Mosque at Sunset. Also known as "Sultanahmet Camii" (At least it is according to a bookmark Bobby came home with from Istanbul. And if you can't trust a bookmark, who can you trust?
Travel Photograph of the Sultanahmet Camiie at Sunset
How much would you pay for these bowls from the Bazaar in Istanbul? $50 each? $40 each? How about $30 FOR ALL THREE THOUSAND?!?! (Just pay shipping and handling).
Photograph of Turkish Bowls at an Istanbul Bazaar
Click this image for a fascinating video about Istanbul. Note: the video is NOT about Constantinople!
Travel Photograph of Lamps at a Bazaar in Istanbul
A view of Greenland, from the flight home. This particular aeroplane features cutting-edge, 21st-century jet engine technology.
Photograph of Greenland from the window of Bob and Alicia's flight home


Bob's 2009 South Africa Expedition
In October of 2009, our intrepid Explorer Bob braved the wilds of South Africa to learn hunting, gathering, and partying by watching how the wild animals do it in their natural habitat. Unfortunately, he spent too little time with lions and elephants, and far too much time with warthogs and dungbeetles. While Bob's relatives re-train him on appropriate social behavior, please enjoy Bob's travel photography chronicling his expedition.

You can use the controls at the bottom to move to a specific slide, rewind to the first set of slides, or fast-forward to move to the end of the 29 slides.


Travel Photography of Bob & Alicia: The Icelandic Chronicles 2008
In June of this 2008, Robert George made perhaps his most ambitious trip to date, not because he traveled to the most remote areas of the Northern frontier, but because he brought his oldest daughter, Alicia, along with him.

Take a look at the following images as Bob and Alicia bathe in the soothing waters of the Blue Lagoon, thrill to the sights and sounds of Iceland, Svarlbard & Norway, and throttle each other for taking too long in the bathroom.

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Both Bleiers wearing their oh-so-hip and with-it Hoodies! Could they POSSIBLY be any cooler?!?
NO!! I DON'T think so!!!!
Travel photograph of Bob and Alicia in Iceland
The infamous "Blue Lagoon" of Iceland. Bobby went in a shriveled 82 year old, and came out with skin as soft as a baby's tushie!
Travel photography of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
Puffins in Flight. We'll bet you didn't even know they could fly. If fact, we'll bet you didn't even know they existed outside of television commercials for breakfast cereal.
Travel Photography of Puffins in flight.
A fish Ladder in Iceland (this one is non-collapsible).
Photograph of a fish ladder in Iceland
The Vigeland Sculpture in Norway. Muse for one of Robert's sculptures.
Photograph of the Vigeland Sculpture in Norway.
The intrepid ship "Endeavour" (or the endeavourous ship "Intrepid"). Home to Robert and Alicia during their journey.
Travel photography of the ship Endeavour
A Fjord near Longyearbyen (too awesome a view for a throw-away one-liner).
Photograph of a fjord near Longyearbyen, Svalbard
Another awe-inspiring view, this one of the falls in Iceland.
Photograph of waterfalls in Iceland
A leisurely walk through the Lava Fields.
Photograph of the lava fields in Iceland
A geo-thermal event, or an MRI of Bobby's stomach after an authentic Icelandic meal.
Photograph of a geyser in Iceland
Dr. Bleier believes that if you look at this long enough, you'll see the Eyeballs of Trolls staring back at you. We don't see it either.
Photograph of the lava fields in Iceland
Fjord Number 300 (Collect the Whole Set!!!).
Photograph of a fjord in Iceland
Svalbard's only 5-star Hotel. No seriously, it was written up favorably in "Zagats". Was Too!!
Photograph of a cabin in Svalbard


Travel Photographs from Bobby's 2007 Antarctic Expedition/Easter Island Extravaganza
These travel images chronicle Dr. Bob's 2007 expedition, this one to the southernmost reaches of the planet, so remote, so cut off from civilization, that one must sometimes walk 5 blocks before finding a McDonalds or Starbucks!

Join Bob (renamed Dances with Penguins by the native population) as he locates previously unchronicled destinations, intermingles with previously undocumented species, and invites a large granite figure from Rapa Nui over the next time it's in Southern California.

As always, click on any of the pictures below to open a larger image:

Resplendent in his 'Members Only' Red Jacket, Bob takes on the Balmy Antarctic.
Bob In a Red Jacket
Bobby doesn't go for Animated features, so he called this Image 'Great Feat'. Don't worry, we don't get it either.
Photograph of a Penguin in the Antarctic
Two Penguins Walk into a Bar...
Two Penguins in the Antarctic
A Magellanic Penguin, so named due to the Tattoo of Ferdinand on it's butt.
Photograph of a Magellanic Penguin in the Antarctic
A Simply Breathtaking View...
A Simply Breathtaking View of the Antarctic Landscape
Rapa Nui Quiz; which of these Stone Sentries ISN'T the life of the Party?
Stone Statues of Rapa Nui (Easter Island)
Initially somewhat aloof, this guy warmed up to Bob and promised to visit next... wait for it... EASTER! Get IT?!?! Now, THAT's Comedy!!!
A Lone Stone Statue, Standing Vigil at Easter Island
A Pod of Rapa Nui Stone Sentries, standing lonely Vigil against the Sunrise.
Silhouetted Stone Statues of Rapa Nui (Easter Island)
More Sentries, Standing a Somewhat Less Lonely Vigil, against a Similarly Sunrise-y Backdrop.
Photograph of stone statues standing a lonely vigil in Rapa Nui (Easter Island)
A Rapa Nui Seascape.
Travel photography of a Rapa Nui Seascape (Easter Island)


Travel Photography of Bobby's 2005 Trip to Alaska's Inner Passage
Here are some images from Bobby's 2005 journey into Alaska, including the Inner Passage & Tracy Arm (And yes, the requisite "I used to date Tracy Arm in High School" joke has been beaten to death since his return...).

As always, click on any of the pictures for a larger view:

Bob bundled against the elements (Also works for Overnight Shipping).
Travel photograph of Dr. Bob aboard the ship Sea Bird off Alaska
Whales Feeding near Tracy Arm (Insert your obligatory dinner table etiquette joke here).
Photograph of whales feeding in Alaskan waters
Wow. And we didn't even Photoshop it to look better!
Photograph of Alaskan sunset
Navy SEALs preparing for an Extraction Mission (Or other cruise participants taking pictures of a Glacier, I forget which)
Travel cruise participants aboard a zodiac near a glacier off Alaska
The 'Sea Bird' (Budget version of a Luxury Liner).
The intrepid ship Sea Bird navigating past glaciers off Alaska
Nice Water Shot (I don't always get to name the pictures).
Photograph of an Alaskan seascape
Danger! Blue Ice!
Photograph of a calving glacier off Alaska